September 12, 2016

Boost Your Confident !

It is Exam time and kids are nervous, confused, scared or just plain disinterested ! There's no one single combination that works. There's just a situation that exists and we as parents are left to deal with it. No amount of preparation can completely alleviate their underlying thoughts and feelings. Its like making that all important presentation at work or performing on stage. You will feel more anxiety than a kid does but you have the maturity and the adult reasoning to deal with it.
To prepare my child for any major event, whether its their annual day or inter school talent show, there are always easy go to techniques that help the child stay focussed and less overwhelmed. They need to stay strong, confident, outgoing and unafraid to ask questions and most importantly make mistakes while moving up the ladder of confidence.
Let Kids make their own choices. Empower them once in awhile and see them grow. Can start as little as 2 years and the decisions can be as trivial as picking their choice of outfit for playtime or a take out meal they want to enjoy on a weekday. 
Lose Labels. Dont brand kids as either this or that. No kid wants to get attached to any one way of thinking. They aren't always going to be smart , dumb or lazy. 
Give them small jobs to do around the house. Share responsibility teaches kids things right from team spirit to creativity. This could evolve into something fun and develop hobby skills like gardening. Discover interests here. 
Lastly, encourage them to share their feelings and see whats troubling them. Listening to kids is a huge part of easing them into their comfort zone and boosting self worth. 
See how your kids turn into resilient,strong, powerful and confident individuals. 
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