July 12, 2016

Make Shifting Abroad Easy

Relocating to another country is not an easy feat let alone with younger kids in the picture. To start off, Relocating is a great feeling to start afresh with the possibility of meeting new people, exploring new landscapes, tasting new cuisine. All this seems like a bit of exploring meshed with some excitement. Even searching for accommodation can be an adventure. So the first few weeks you are taking it all in, letting the novelty of it all get absorbed. Seems fun innit ?  Till it hits you like a bolt of lightening from nowhere that there are younger children to worry about. So you have landed and the weather is freezing. Back home, we walked around pretty much throughout the year blissfully unaware that it's changing seasons and that the monsoon rains have drowned our beautiful Mumbai or the yellow dry autumn leaves have fallen. In your new country, its probably 20 degrees colder and no one can be prepared with the first shivers or the jackets that aren't protective enough. So maybe the first days are spent at a mall. Yes, it's the one place that comforts us immediately. The recognizable brands, the overcrowded food courts, the sea of brown faces and the warmth indoors. Kids are at once relaxed and with that comes a bit of independence and freedom.
After a few days of settling down, world cuisine gets boring, bland and very unhealthy. So the children get restless and want their comfort food. The taste of rice and dal, methi parathas and bournvita for milk. Well, there should be the good old indian shop somewhere in the area if not a few miles away. The experience is great too. Don't bother comparing prices with those back home. it will never be that cheap or that exhaustive but atleast there a comfort break in the initial days and one can focus on getting around and settling in. 
Its always great to be equipped with the right type of clothing, familiarity with the public transportation available at your doorstep and the conveniences of a local supermarket. We will pick so many great starter tips along the way but that only adds to your experience especially if we got it wrong at first go. 
One can never time the exact start of a new relocation but the experience can be less harrowing and the memories can be more adventurous and less daunting with the right kind of ideas, mindset, familiarity with the basics and the perfect clothing if there is a big shift in the weather that one is used to. 

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