October 3, 2016

Crazy For Sleepovers

There's a time right now that we can't get enough of the word 'Sleepover'. It's said almost every other day, over mealtimes, after playtime and even more when weekends are approaching. It's like a craze. What was once just an occasionally rewarding experience is now a habit hard to break. The kids can't stop and neither can the Parents. Every time we drop our kids off for playtime somewhere somehow we get pestered for that inevitable request and it happens so much more often than we would like it to be. Wasn't it a mere 2 hour playtime in and out? It is to be reciprocated which is the underlying pressure of sorts. How many times can my kid enjoy the sleepover without being counter requested the exact same thing. And of course she wouldn't have it any other way. Who do we blame for this Sleepover Craze? Some American sitcom 'Sam & Cat ' or Total Drama? Well , whatever 'kind' of Sleepover that will take place, when it's our turn the pressure is definitely on for a great Sleepover experience. So how does one turn a dreary regular night-in into a Fun Sleepover event ? Things to keep in mind?How many kids are turning up for this? Be prepared for Snacks,quick tidbits that kids can gorge on while enjoying their evening indoors. Popcorn, cupcakes, macaroons, doughnuts some of the favorite things to snack on. Stack up on Movies, get Netflix ready and have the movie pickings for the kids ready viewing. Dinner could be a takeaway Pizza or Homemade Pasta. Activities to keep the kids busy could involve some fun video shooting (lend them a camera !) of their evening or a game board like Pictureka. Some of the more competitive kids could turn to monopoly while others could play the Xbox if that's an option. Don't call in too many kids than you can handle and avoid children that you aren't familiar with.  As with the rest, go with the flow and let the kids decide for themselves since the Sleepover could be something that they remember and cherish through their independent formative years.  Find me at http://www.mycity4kids.com/parenting/the-big-outdoors/article/crazy-for-sleepovers

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