August 16, 2015

Teenagers in a Cake Fix !

Some days I look forward to company and some days I'm just wondering how will I ever clean up after my guests. I have to say this rendezvous was planned last minute and it was quite entertaining to say the least. I was warned that 2 teenagers were headed over and the evening was going to have to be a bake session. This was unexpected with only a simple brief of 'Lets Bake a Cake day' so i had to pre arrange for the baking ingredients in order for this to succeed. I love to bake but ever since we moved to our new place everything I own is still in boxes and my convection has not yet seen the light of day.
I spent my day in the supermarket and finally i found the 'Cooker Cake Box' by Pillsbury that looked inviting and easy!
When the girls got home, they were all so excited discussing their love for cake and all things chocolatey. At this point I even suggested lets record and make a home video on 'how to bake a cooker cake!" Not the brightest idea but they didn't mind the advice as long as there was chocolate at the end of the tunnel.
The girls were asked to do the usual mixing and found a decent sized round container to put in the cooker. So in it all went; butter, cake mix, oil and water. Whisked away and poured into the mould. Since i have had zero experience with cooker cakes I did forget to remove the rubber and behold behold i added water ! It was an agonising wait and then an even bigger disappointment to discover a watery runny chocolate cake that had all the ingredients to become a masterpiece!
Well, out of my sheer experience with kids, there was the back up Sponge cake that was devoured in minutes. Kids can be so forgiving!
Maybe Foodpanda could have saved the day ?

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