August 2, 2010

Soaking in the Rain!

With a cup of hot tea in one hand and crunchy pakoras served and ready to be devoured you know the monsoon has arrived. The soft drizzle or the drenching downpour it usually doesnt matter. Rain is rain after all. As the skies darken, the wind picks up pace and the air around you suddenly feels cooler the pitter patter of the raindrops wont be too far away. The weather has forced itself on you and there is no dodging it , no barely missing it and definitely no silently praying for its quick recession but a quick submission to the weather gods would be the most ideal way to handle the transition. Get ready with your brightly coloured trendy umbrella and do away with your black and bulky ones. Indulge in a trendy pair of wellingtons or crocs for that added spunk and get rid of your plastic squeaky pair of flip flops. Clothes should be light and airy. The latest collection of rain attire elevates you to a different level of rain acceptance. The Great Lifestyle Sale will almost definitely be there and like they say we love the big fat sale!!
Most Indian women squirm at the thought of getting wet. Its almost punishable or offense-like to get drizzled upon in the rains. Most cannot bear the thought of running across a puddle of water for the fear of ruining a brand new pair of shoes or having to pick up their wet salwars or jeans off the wet ground to avoid the process of dragging them over collecting rainwater. Given that we do not have the infrastructure to allow ourselves the pleasure of 'walking and darting' but lets be pragmatic and realistically approach the impending dilemma that the rains have so mercilessly thrust upon our sunny souls. We lack the basic infrastructure but that does not stop us from picking the most luxurious car, wearing the designer labels and spending hours on pampering our feet, hands and hair only to have them splashed upon or forgotten as we merely just step out and place them hands feet or car into this very very wet world of ours. Hence wondering why we should deprive ourselves the monsoon package. Wear the look and feel the difference.
Its the monsoon. Accept and embrace it. Dont be alarmed by the next downpour and therefore left invariably unprepared.
Be child like in your approach. Children insist on a bright and flashy umbrella. Almost naturally shift their attention to more feasible clothing and shoes and step out into the rains with the love of the rains and nothing else. Its pure and its exciting.They have no fears and know no fears only the ones passed on by adults either through hearsay or otherwise.
When the skies have cleared up after the rains its almost magically clear everywhere. The days of scorching heat are in the distant memory. There is a sense of freedom and adventure in our hearts. We feel young in our spirit even if its for the moment. Let the children in us be stirred and our unguarded desires be awaken. Its after all the monsoon.

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