July 30, 2010

Get set green!

Moving from superficial changes to genuine transformations is the need of the hour. Places of huge influences need to quickly demonstrate radical shifts towards adopting greener ways. Where do you spend your weekends..Where do the young minds get shaped. How do businesses operate with a greener conscience.
We need to create awareness everywhere. Right from the Shopping Mall to your local shopping outfit there has to be widespread awareness and knowledge. Malls seem to be the biggest electricity consumers at this moment in time. Lights and Sounds are on the entire working day. Plastic bags need to be replaced by cloth bags(recycled). Schools need to implement what is being taught as environmental studies in classrooms as a way of life at school.Projects need to incorporate an aspect of green. Campuses need to have signages that go beyond classroom doors. Industrial units need to be held accountable for the amount of dangerous gases or smoke churned out inadvertently affecting the health of the workers exposed to the dangerous conditions and the residents who have dug deep into their pockets only to breathe air unfit for many reasons.
Area wise adoption of streets and wards need to be infused with shadier and greener pathways. Each locality needs a working committee that spreads awareness of the advantages of Rain water harvesting, discusses ways of going greener and ensuring that the rule of 'no plastic' is maintained with the vendors in and around their area.
Hotels are the most vulnerable to huge electricity consumptions. Carbon credits need to be offered here as well with changes inviting tax sops. A few hotels claim to be eco-friendly but there is just a handful in the fastest growing hotel industry in the world.
The list is endless. The changes are many. But the goal is one. The green goal is knocking at our doors and pleading for a change.

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