August 20, 2010

Messaging the wrong way

Everytime i face an advertisement during a break whilst watching the many offerings on TV today whether its a movie, reality show, serial or VH1 top 10 im afraid of what i might become. Will i be enlightened and head to the nearest supermarket for that brand of skin cream that i now must possess without which I may not be treated 'fairly' at the beauty pageant of the year and due to which my Dad, the ill treated makeup man will have to endure for the rest of his career. Will i be further educated and enrol myself at a 'Lovely University' so as to further better my prospects say as a housewife. Will I fall in love with the movies and stand in queue for the next screening of 'I hate Luv storys' so that i do not miss the blockbuster of the year and therefore be deprived of any reminiscing or nostalgia that luv storys in general tend to allow. Or will I be left with two school going children who are not becoming smarter, sharper or taller because I escaped reading the label of the Chocolate drinking powder that i recently purchased and therefore did not pick up the ++ option. Im not sure how to feel anymore. Less is more or More is less.
How much of something is a good thing. When my children quote the latest tagline of a product I cringe and when they sing and act out their current favourite ad jingle im running for cover. Agree that is clearly unlike the ongoing phenomena of mothers putting their children out there all working towards a common goal of getting noticed and spotted but this wave is not for me. Why cant they remember the prayers at church so effectively or the rhymes at school so diligently. I must admit that parents have to share the blame on this. Stacking up on the goods at the supermarket and remembering their worth is the reason our kids love to jog their tiny memories and rattle out jingles that large or small organisations should be paying us for. A few decades ago we did not have a quarter of the brands that we have on display today but we all knew that.
What we do not realise and therefore simply question is whether we need to consume or purchase these mind boggling out of the universe inventions , once in a lifetime offers and be lured towards the compelling nature of any of these brands. Can we really be fairer and taller. Do we need to stack up on ready to eat packets of food to cater to ever increasing appetite. Clearly blaming our genes, lifestyle and pollution have taken a backseat. We feel the urge to walk into the local parlour to get our routine manicure , pedicure etc but forget to raise an alarm if certain standard hygiene levels are not maintained at these setups. Our quality expectations have lowered but the pricing has not.
We must not purchase products and zero on in services on impulse. Deliberate a little. Marketeers will fight amongst themselves for your keen approval and attention. Let the products be tried and tested before jumping in. We must ask ourselves do we really need this. Would i simply not be able to function without this particular product. If it will seem to partially help improve your lifestyle or personality then indulge yourself. Improve, Increase and Inclination are all constituents for any great shopper but at what cost. Be prudent and difficult. This is one time you wont mind being termed as 'hard to please'.Its your fundamental right.

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