December 22, 2014

Is Pune the New Wedding destination?

Its December 1st and Wedding time in Pune city is chilly and most certainly inviting.
The 3 hour drive to Pune city on the expressway is the easiest. However, the entry to Pune City and then the navigation to the Hotel is a mind boggling task. Roads seem endlessly long and tiring and the Auto drivers seem to be unaware but they are your best bet. So after a harrowing first 30 mins we stopped a rickshaw and asked him to guide us to the hotel. Of course, he decides to shelve the hotel journey mid way and still manages to pocket 50 rupees. So another rickshaw is employed. Finally we did manage to arrive at the resort not completely worn out.

Sun n sand is an older property.  Through we got it a fairly decent package for a single night stay which was our top most reason for the choice of hotel. Well maintained and  fairly grand from its exterior. The check in is smooth. We get appointed a room on the uppermost 6th floor. The room itself is disappointingly small as is shown on the website but it is suffice with the usual offerings of a mini fridge and Tv. The Bathtub is such a welcome sight after the rough entry to Pune.
Sun N Sand Pune Resorts City hotels
Wonderful entrance at Sun N sand Pune

Shopping in Pune is a delight. Sunday evening and the lifestyle store near M.G road  is pleasantly uncrowded and well stocked.

A wedding at Turf Club lawns is a lovely affair when the weather permits. However vegetarian buffet spread is not completely the attraction without drinks to withstand!

One can never feel satisfied with just the usual Weddding Platter so we head to ABC Farms at Koregaon Park for a quick dinner with drinks. Towards the entrance and to the left is the very popular Sheesha restaurant. The kebabs and other tandoor items are a must have! We loved the laid back diwan style seating. The first floor is also very idyllic. This place is just buzzing!

The next morning we head straight for the buffet breakfast. An assortment of eggs, poha , pancakes and idlis make it sort of unschronised but the effort is lauded. The doughnut and muffin counter was exhausted atleast an hour before closing so that was a huge disappointment.

The pool did seem fairly small as is shown on the travel websites but it is not a family outing so it did not really bother us.

We did enjoy the trip and stay at Sun N Sand hotel , Pune.

The exit out of Pune city was again not the easiest but asking for the expressway did seem to do the trick.


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