November 7, 2014

Kanha Kalling !

After Pench, Kanha the natural choice!

Hoping that Kanha would live upto its hype and offer more richness in areas of flora, fauna and animals, we were very excited to spend a week here in deep wilderness.

Kanha national park is even further ahead of Pench when traveling from Nagpur International Airport. We got the taxi sent directly from the airport so no worries navigating back to the hotel and no waiting outside the airport for the pickup. The journey of 5 + hours was surprisingly comfortable and smooth! Roads in Madhya Pradesh have been redone and cemented so no bumps!

The check in was quick at Celebration Van Vilas Resort. Lovely and rustic at first glance.

We had successive Morning Safaris (both 21/10 and 22/10) so we needed to get enough rest the evening prior. The evening of 21/10 , the Resort naturalist took out the resort Jeep and drove us through the buffer zone to the banks of Banjaar river. What a wonderful picnic with sandwiches and evening coffee and tea at the riverside!
Kanha National park
Driving through Sarhi Zone
Another evening of the 23rd seemed to lay in complete waste lounging around with no plan! Then the Resort Naturalist who at this point came to our rescue and offered to take us back to Banjaar river with an Elephant bathing thrown in. The drive to Wild chalet resort at Banjaar river was quick. As we hopped on to pebbles and then larger rocks , Tara surfaced from beneath the clear waters and we got the exclusive opportunity to hang out with the amazing Tara ! ohh she was wonderful !There were bananas of course for the reward ! We can never thank the naturalist Mr. Erwin Drose enough for this out of the world gesture!

Safaris were uneventful where Tiger spotting was concerned but we were still very much enjoying the serene landscape and early morning bird calls! On Diwali evening of the 24th, the Resort had arranged a Tribal Dance by the original villagers that once lived in the remote areas of the Park. The park was equally divided into 4 zones. The main zone was kanha, which we had not experienced as yet.

Kanha national park
Monkey time @ Kanha National Park
We got our chance of touring Kanha Zone on the morning of 25th. Each zone had a different landscape. Mukhi consisted short shrubs and dense so viewing and sightings was extremely difficult. Sarhi though curtailed due to the ongoing work on the inner roads did lead us to spot the Sloth Bear. Kanha was vast expanses of meadows so if a tiger was hiding in any area it would again prove to be difficult to spot. Again , no tiger sighting in Kanha and with meadows all around , our overall experience seemed to be pale and underwhelming.

Later that afternoon, chilled out at their amazing boundaryless pool.

Kanha too left us tigerless and therefore the quest for the gorgeous however evasive animal is still on. Spoiler Alert for those non believers: the tigers do cross paths and we have had fellow visitors share their pics and experiences!


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