October 2, 2014

Nasik-More than just wines!

Nasik city has always held a special place in my heart. My roots are deeply embedded in this place and revisiting this place could certainly jog parts of my memory that i have only spoken about for so long.

The road trip to Nasik is wonderful. I mean, there isn't a pothole to complain about. In fact the traffic seems to all move towards Pune. Nasik is still unexplored potential.

We reached the popular Nasik road and moved to a friends 8th floor terrace apartment. In a city thats built to the 3rd floor, we got a panoramic view of the city from the terrace. Lovely idyllic bungalows, cleaner blue skies and slower moving life is the essence of this growing city.

Nasik City - Hours from Mumbai
Nasik City View

The first evening we did visit the Good Drop Winery in the new MIDC wine area some 40 kms near Nasik. It was a great wine tasting experience in a place thats yet to really experience the wine boom. The drive was exquisite and so paradoxical from the urban life that we are used to.

Good Drop WInery at Nasik
Ashwin Rodriques Good Drop Winery (Rio)

The next day we first made a quick pit stop at the place where my ancestors lived for more than 50 years. Comforting to know, i could still pinpoint the old yet standing one storied block. The moss ridden bungalows dotting the road were still there, not torn down by some greedy land grabber hence the quaintness of the place still exists. As we drove away, two sindhi aunts did step out and seemed inquisitive about my incessant pics on a sleepy saturday morning.

We drove straight to the Dadsaheb Phalke Museum, the founder of Indian cinema. The museum was not up to the mark with only one exhibit hall left open for visitors and the trek to the museum was long and exhausting. Also, some ongoing Buddhist festival had left the place packed with locals and bikes which deterred our trekking desire to the caves adjacent to the museum.

We then had lunch at the famous Kaka ka Dhaba. That was a decent round of tandoori dishes served in fair portions. Though the ambience demands one gets in and out quickly, the food does make up for the lack in dining experience.

Badminton, swimming and table tennis are among the many sports one can enjoy at the Nasik Club. Well equipped club with a great dining experience in veg food.

For those searching a lounge like experience thats buzzing in a small city like Nasik, Players Lounge fits the bill. Do end the night on a sweet note and head to Dairy Don. Dairy Don for some ice cream was the little gem of Nasik.

Thankfully, Nasik still remains a lovely mini metro with all its heritage still largely untouched. DO share your Views on how Nasik is keeping pace with its larger neighbouring cities like Pune and Mumbai. 

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