July 1, 2012

Koh Samui ( Thai ) by Road!

Family vacations are mostly pre booked and pre organized. Hotels are pre booked and the days are organized. Most of my hotel bookings in Thailand were done through the help of Internet websites such as www.booking.com and www.hotels.com with the aid and guidance of tripadvisor folks. Throwing in a bit of adventure is always fun when you know the vacation seems 'resort' comfortable somewhat in its entirety.

Thailand is just breathtaking and we were going to discover this the hard monsoon way! For most of the journey through Malaysia to Thailand and beyond we had resorted to the usual Air Asia route. but there was this one leg of the journey where i was determined to hit the road. Not to forget that we had 2 small kids aged 8 and 5 on our hands to endure that part of the journey based solely on my limited Thailand knowledge and the conflicting information provided by TripAdvisor's. I was told it was possible to do the Phuket ~ Koh Samui stretch by Road and Hovercraft but just how smooth it was going to be was conveniently omitted. I was content with 'possible' at the time. I figured, we Indians, know roads better than anyone and getting lost isn't in our dictionary since we roll down the window for the smallest help on directions inspite of us having loaded google maps and all other such apps on our tech gadgets. So that was the marked out adventure time for us ie from Phuket to Koh Samui and back. Well, it was a good thing we rested in our lavish and cozy Resort at Phuket to gather energies for the day to come!

As the first 3 days in Phuket came to an end and we were gearing for the next big move, we decided pre booking a taxi to the bus stand was a sensible first move. Early next morning we checked out and had our taxi waiting at the hotel entrance. It feels good to have anything remotely familiar at this point. We reached the Bus Stand 1 hour later from where we needed to book ourselves a taxi to the Hovercraft another 3 hours away. The taxi was more like a large and rather comfortable 7 seater van. We attained ourselves one reliable van pretty fast and felt good to have achieved so much without any prior reservations and local assistance. And the kids were holding up so it seemed doable at this point. Getting to the jetty point to board the hovercraft was a journey through paradise. Acres of greenery dotted both sides of the road, rivers , small bridges and beautiful waterfalls.

We caught the spacious hovercraft in time for the last 1 hour peaceful trip across to Koh Samui.

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