August 31, 2011

Wear your trainers!

Ive never worked out at a studio before and definitely never had a trainer! It takes some getting used to. Entering the gym/studio for the first time is the first real achievement. Each unique workout involves different breathing techniques, the workout movements and staying attentive to catch all the steps involved in each and every new routine. Once you have completed the first two sessions id say you have faced your fear and now ready to focus on the more important aspects like the length of your body and specific techniques with some equal measure.

The one common factor in all local gyms are the inclusion of a trainer. Hiring the right trainer whether male or female are the key ingredients to elevating one to a great gym. Sometimes they are employed beyond gym working hours and become personal trainers to many regular clients who enjoy working at more convenient times and venues.

But what is it about trainers that drives men insane? Lets take a look at the male trainer. The threat of carrying a 6 pack in tight gym shorts or just being so carefree outside of any office like environment? Whenever i discuss my trainers new routine, most men look at me with ample curiousity. Many questions follow. How was the workout? Does the trainer look good and how old is he? There isnt an interest in the world how i could have sprained my wrist whilst attempting a five kg forward lunge. Or for that matter how i could actually lose some weight in the whole 3 week training period. Its not as significant as the trainer himself. Hes the centrepoint. Hes the reason the class is full every day. He is the reason many women forget all their stressers and worries for the day and work harder at bringing back some of their lost youth and body shape. It helps if the trainer talks the talk and walks the walk.

The female trainer has her share of interrogation as well. Whilst engaging a female trainer, most women will prefer that their better halves stay away from their gym timing all together. They dont need to feel their space is being encroached. Female trainers if they get too personal most women will look at them as clear threats. Men are so much more professional is what they complain about. The perception that female trainers are in the habit of making small talk that leads to gossip and that people usually back off when they foresee that situation arising. But Female trainers are breaking the stereotype mould and forging ahead with increased motivation and passion.

When trainers take special interest in anyones overall workout regime, they get easy recommendations.They dont infact have to be prospective clients or new clients. Trainers take great pride when they see daily results. People are making changes to their lifestyle and nutrition and health are proving to be of utmost concern. Trainers are instrumental in building one on one relationships to further affect decisions based on lifestyle, eating habits and in turn improving self worth . The stereotypes are fading and the profession is in demand. Its all in the training after all.

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