March 13, 2015

Bookings Made easy !

Holiday time round the corner and the word booking comes to mind. Its so strenuous to book yourself a hotel these days that the excitement of arriving and discovering is taken away by the sheer time spent online. The plethora in choice ranging from Hotel booking sites, the travel agents, the hotels themselves, the travel sites and the list goes on. It was simpler back then. Just land up at the place and the trusted taxi driver looking at your dishevelled plight decided where to throw your baggage. Or one would call up the reliable tour agent and state the area of interest with the number of family members and surely soon enough we would get the call to confirm the booking.
These days its a whole lot of surfing. First open atleast three reliable, secure and competitively priced hotel booking site tabs. Once you have entered your search details its scouring through pages of hotel names, rooms and reviews. The filters make it easier to navigate and narrow the search down considerably. Of course, Trivago, TripAdvisor and now offer all these sites with the hotel prices listed so that the comparison between hotel sites are done instantly and effectively.
Maybe the fact that has localised itself so well over the years and increased its offering to include homestays and serviced apartments with reviews it makes their basket offerings that much more enjoyable as a traveller.
We can also debate the fact that unheard of locations are being discovered and accessed through these sites. Room rates have remained competitive (no hidden charges) , even the fact that anyone with an Internet connection can easily book within a few minutes and lastly healthy online competition forces hotels to upgrade and benefit the end user makes booking online the obvious winner but ill still try to keep the memories of the simpler times as my first choice while i shut down my 15 tabs !

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