July 9, 2010

Live the Miles!

Holidays, Vacations, trips we cannot get enough of them. Til the 90s, annual trips were reserved for the fortunate few. Now it seems like even my Insurance agent makes a few trips a year to closer domestic destinations.
Stress arising from work , business and nuclear family responsibilities leads us to end our numerous conversations at the door of the Lonely planet guide. Tripadvisor has milked the upsurge. We cannot plan our trip , decide the hotel, charter out our preferred destinations without the review and feedback of the tripadvisor family. We have stopped spending time with our close family. Our like minded friends have very busy personal or professional lives. Weekend getaways are gaining popularity with most booked seven days in advance. Book & save the latest jargon in the media world. Overseas vacations are planned just a few days prior to the actual date of journey. Agents and the internet are abuzz with hot deals and bookings are made simpler with just a click of the finger. The Internet has a new travel website launched every few weeks promising something to everyone at runaway deals.
Usually trips were topics of discussion at home over dinner but now with each passing day the smaller beautiful details of the trip are lost somewhere in 'have a safe journey' and 'come home quickly'. Lost are the flavours of the new city visited. Missed are the experience of tasting new food and interacting with acquaintances made. Almost vanished from our exchanges are the finer nuances of experiencing the culture and traditions of each new city or town on our busy itinerary. As travel agents and websites cater to the single agenda of purchasing ticket/s to a select destination , the journeys are no more restricted to fancy hotel rooms and the typical tourist hotspots.
Individuals running their own businesses can have their own set of problems. Usually a start up is far more time consuming and drags alot of people around it into its web of compromises and sacrifices.
Stay at home moms are reeling under some 'nuclear' stress. Some moms demand breaks on a quarterly basis! Ok maybe this is a little exaggerated but im sure most women would be smiling with some guilty hidden acknowledgement to this crazy notion! Maid juggling, lack of a solid support system, a husband constantly out of town on work and the strongest absence of a social environment are the major factors contributing to their breakdown.
It seems that young professionals are balancing work and their social lives far better now than in previous times. Some even manage to squeeze their own me-time whether its watching a movie or exercising within their busy schedule. But professionals constantly redefine their goals and with delicate working economies their targets become their liabilities.
Whatever the situation the next flight will be caught, the next deal will be bagged and the next leg of miles will be earned but its time to unearth and live the miles.
Engage yourself in every journey and share your new discoveries.

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